“My lawyer recommended that I use an investigations company during my custody battle.   Metro-Trac brought the answers to all of my questions.  I am now the proud father and custodial parent of three children.  Thanks Metro-Trac!.”
Allen V.   Redford, Michigan

“Bust that A*s!  You can believe that!
Shanekwa J.   Detroit, Michigan


“I suspected that my hubby was seeing another woman.  Metro-Trac found his secret, another man.”
Laura G.  Flint, Michigan 


“A spy cam built by the team at Metro-Trac caught my daughter's late night guest.”  Thanks Jay!
R.D.  Toledo, Ohio


“After fourteen years of marriage I had my suspicions, so I called Metro-Trac.   Five days later, my attorney had several DVD’s of my wife’s multiple friendships.”  Thanks, Tim!  PS: I got to keep the house!  Rick W.  Sterling Heights, Michigan


“I needed evidence for my family to end my pre-arranged marriage.  Metro-Trac got it all.”
A.M. Dearborn, Michigan


“Seeing is believing.  I’m a believer!”
P.D.  Tiffin, Ohio


Metro-Trac caught my husband with a co-worker, leaving work on a lunch break,  
eating their lunch at the Doubletree.”
K.S.   Melbourne, Florida


“Metro-Trac helped me locate my first car, a 1971 Dodge Challenger.”
Jason K.  Ashland, Kentucky


“My attorney recommended a third-party investigation of my 2005 car accident (with severe injuries.)  They suggested Metro-Trac.  This company brought me a complete report, with the details my attorney needed to win my case.  These guys are pros.”
Palm Bay, Florida


“After several late night burglaries to my storage unit complex, and NO help from an unnamed police agency, I called Metro-Trac!  These criminals came every weekend.  Friday, June 25th at 2:19am, investigators from Metro-Trac video taped three suspects with night vision cameras.  
All three were identified and arrested.”
James R.  Detroit, Michigan


“I called Metro-Trac to locate a witness to a police brutality incident. 
They found her in twenty seven hours.”
Vince P.  Southfield, Michigan


“I suspected my ex-spouse of abusing my three year old daughter. Metro- Trac caught an incident on video, during his visitation.  That was his last visitation.  He was arrested and awaits his court date.”
Theresa  Flint, Michigan


“My wife was caught with a smoking gun.”
Travis  Louisville, Kentucky


“Their staff was so polite and really helped me through one of the worst times of my life.”
Alicia V.  Findley, Ohio


“My husband kept receiving late night hang up calls on his cell phone.  
Metro-Trac was able to locate my problem.”  Thanks Tim!
Erinn  Minneapolis, Minnesota


 “I brought them an article of clothing from my wife’s car.   
DNA testing detected a specimen that did not belong to me.”
Preston L.  Tampa, Florida


“My insurance carrier determined the cause of my house fires as “inconclusive.”
The experts at Metro-Trac found faulty wiring in my laundry room.”
C.S.  Cynthiana, Kentucky


“I hadn’t spoken with my father for 16 years.  I called Metro-Trac and they found him the same day.”   
Thanks guys!
Loren B.  Ft. Wayne, Indiana